What is a pre-order?

When there is a new toy or collectible release, the manufacturers allow retailers, such as our selves, to pre-order the products ahead of release day. When you place a pre-order with our store, you are 100% going to receive the product regardless if it sells out upon release. There are many benefits to choosing a pre-order option, such as items selling out upon release, or low stock. If you place a pre-order with Boxzilla, you will receive your item, no matter what, so long as the manufacturer doesn't cancel the release.

*** We ship the pre-orders when we receive them. Most of the time this is on release day, but there is NOT A GUARANTEE that we will receive the items on release day. We are reliant on the supplier to send us the product on time so there may be delays. 


When will my pre-order ship?

All of our pre-order listings have an estimated or expected release date in the description. This is not necessarily the date we ship. As stated above, we ship once we receive the orders from the supplier. After that, please give us 1-3 days to process and package all orders as well as 3-5 days for shipping to the US and 5-14 days for International orders. 


**If you pre-order multiple items, we can only fulfill your order once all of your purchased products have arrived at our warehouse.

*** PLEASE NOTE: While not likely, sometimes manufacturer post pone release dates. This can be due to quality control issues, licensing issues, shipping problems or any other number of reasons OUT of our control. When this happens, we will inform you as soon as we have been notified.



We are not able to offer refunds on pre-orders. Please be certain about your pre-order purchase before checking out.